"Decades of Memories!"
Remember when you watched an Apollo launch, read about World War II in the paper, or danced to the Beatles on the radio? We all enjoy reminiscing about the past.  This series will inspire talk about the favorite entertainers, places, cultures and more for those who lived it.  Follow along and watch as the 20th Century unfolds before you- through the stories and anecdotes of those who were there.  Journey with us and be amazed at how much has changed since 1900. 

Join Us and Experience the Past.
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Remember When has divided the 1900's into decades to discuss a variety of topics that spark memories and discussion. Within each decade are video clips, pictures, and artifacts such as old television commercials, that will immerse the audience into times almost forgotten. 
Watch along as special guests speak on topics such as:
 Home Life
 Travel & Transportation
Remember When includes video clips, pictures, and old TV commercials immersing the audience into times gone by.  Alzheimer's and dementia patients will also benefit from this series.  Each decade is less than an hour long and will supply an activity one day a week for ten weeks. This product can be reused annually as an activity for your residents.  

Featuring 1987 Ms. America
Kellye Cash
 About Our Host
Kellye Cash, from Memphis, Tennessee, was Miss Tennessee 1986 and Miss America 1987, capturing preliminary honors in both the talent and swimsuit competitions.
Following her reign as Miss America, Cash toured with Bob Hope’s USO show, and has appeared on The David Letterman Show, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and others.
Kellye has performed with numerous musical artists including Vince Gill, Lee Greenwood, and Billy Joel, and appeared in many regional theatrical productions around the country.   Join Kellye as she guides us through your favorite century. 
Potential Cognitive Benefits for elderly patients and loved ones include: 
Benefit #1: 
Encourages Conversation amongst the elderly. 
Benefit #2: 
Can bring back forgotten memories of long ago.
Benefit #3:
Helps stimulate memory functions in seniors.  
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Narrated by former "Ms. America" Kellye Cash
Including Segments by:
Linda Toombs
Chris Gales 
Randy Meadows 
Melanye Jarnagin 
Brandy Crayton
Doug Beggs
Video 1: The 1900's
The 1900s decade was the beginning of a whole new century, one that would bring tremendous change and advancement for America, full of triumphs and trials. These first ten years were the transition point between the old and the new, ringing in a brand new era for the country. 
Video 2: The 1910's
The 1910s was the second decade in the century, but it was the real beginning of a cultural shift in America. The old Victorian ways with their stiff manners and restricting clothing were fading away. Everything from the clothes people wore, to the way they cleaned their houses, to how they got from place to place would be altered by changing attitudes and lifestyles.
Video 3: The 1920's
When you hear about the 1920s, you probably immediately think of flappers with bobbed hair, the gilded age memorialized by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and a time of unheard of prosperity in our nation's history. Known as the Roaring Twenties, the Golden Age, and the Jazz Age, the decade was a spectacular time in America, full of new slang and daring attitudes. 
Video 4: The 1930's
The 1930s were characterized by the poverty and hardship of the Great Depression, the most serious economic recession in American history. Images of former businessmen in suits and hats standing in soup lines and destitute families living in tents in Central Park in New York are sobering reminders of lean years. But these trials in our nation allowed some of her finer qualities to surface.
Video 5: The 1940's

The 1940s was a time of crisis and transition in America, but also a time of great strength and patriotism. The Great Depression of the thirties had left Americans downtrodden and uncertain, and in December of 1941, the country found themselves involved in World War II after the attack on Palm Harbor by the Japanese. As frightening as the idea of fighting a war was, World War II was actually instrumental in helping the country out of the Depression as factories revved up to manufacture vehicles, weaponry, and supplies for the military and created jobs for the previously unemployed.
Video 6: The 1950's
Have you ever wanted to put on a poodle skirt and share a milkshake with someone special down at the diner? Many people remember the 1950s as a simpler time of well-behaved children, high morals, a booming economy, and clearly defined gender roles. The fifties certainly had their virtues—family was of the utmost importance and divorce was rare, hard work was valued and expected, and fashion was impeccable. 

Video 7: The 1960's
Girls in mini skirts and boots screaming at Beatles' concerts, Martin Luther King giving his famous “I have a Dream” speech, Neil Armstrong stepping out onto the moon—the tumultuous 1960s were a time of change and progress after the seeming order and polite respectability of the fifties. Citizens were becoming more vocal about political issues, racial tensions erupted into both progress and disaster, and the younger generation rejected all established rules and cultural norms in favor of hippie or bohemian lifestyles that allowed anything and questioned everything.

Video 8: The 1970's
The 1970s saw the results of the many social movements and whirlwind changes of the sixties, and times were left forever changed for women, minorities, and Americans in general in a bright new decade. The seventies saw a return-to-nature trend mixed with Space Age-style modernity, a self-reflective attitude that teetered toward selfishness, and a new-found liberation from tradition and morals that had decidedly mixed results. 
Video 9: The 1980's
The 1980s was a loud, turbulent time, but it was also a time when the country faced its problems openly and directly and handled them without flinching. None of the disasters or problems the country faced could quite stamp out the joy of people discovering the internet, listening to punk, doing a little jazzercise, or just wearing neon and leg warmers. The eighties was all about optimism in the face of adversity, a country determined to move forward through any difficulties
Video 10: The 1990's
The 1990s is remembered for grunge fashion, hip-hop music, and the invention of the modern internet. It was also a time to return to practicality and comfort after a decade of excess. Minimalism and simplicity influenced everything from fashion to home décor to lifestyle choices. Technology was also one of the defining forces of the decade, as televisions, PDA devices, and computers became sleek, high-functioning machines that were integral to everyday American life.
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